Leave Me Alone Okay? (2)

All I once thought gone

All my regrets stay

Everyday I tried to hold on

Everyday mistakes reflect me today

I thought you cared

Guess I was wrong 

I thought you would be there

Guess I couldn’t stay strong

Made the mistakes I said I wouldn’t make

Leave me here and take my hope away 

Forget about me just to rise the stakes

Sorry about all I forgot to say

I will say what I forgot to

Believe what I say is true

Everyday I usually feel blue

Thinking about the past and about you

Wishing that one day someone will understand me too

But for the mistakes I’ve made today

I have nothing left to say

Because sorry doesn’t seem good enough 

Hoping it was all just a bluff

There’s that word again

Just thinking of it is a strain

Wishing to take away all the pain

Praying for a ticket somewhere

Just anything to get me out of here

So don’t think I don’t care

Just know you’re the one who left 

I know you’re no longer there

Knowing this feeling is one I wish I never felt 

Leave me alone okay is what you say

But secretly that means goodbye now

The way you made me feel I still wonder how

So now I say leave me alone okay?


Leave Me Alone Okay?

As I sit here contemplating

Wishing something better was waiting

Because tonight I’m lost

Unable to find my way back

Losing everything as the cost

Leave me to find the right track

I’m sure you’re doing better than me

It’s something I can see

So don’t ask me what’s wrong since I’m not gonna say

Because I know that it’ll end up spoiling your day

Leave me alone okay? 

Something I wish you never said

Something I wish I could amend

But the hope in me is now dead

Leave me to be today

Let me pretend

That everything is alright

But right now it’s a hopeless fight

Knowing that I’ve lost a friend

I don’t know what to say

Wishing a quick end to this day

A quick end to this year

So I could leave all my tears

Hoping tomorrow would be brighter

Thinking I was once a fighter

For all the troubles and pain

But everyday is just the same

As I sit here over thinking

Wishing just for something

But leave me be today

I don’t know what to say

So just leave me alone okay?